Energy (Liquid Fuels)

"Many governments now are more and more aware that at least the day of cheap and easy oil is over... [however] I'm not very optimistic about governments being aware of the difficulties we may face in the oil supply," 

Fatih Birol, (Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency)

Liquid Fuels

It is difficult to have a conversation about our future without understanding the embedded nature of liquid fuels. Crude oil and its derivatives (petroleum, diesel fuels, jet fuels, kerosene etc) benefits cut across every aspect of business, community, government and society in general. Oil is the invisible hand which supports, facilitates and drives global growth and economies. It is embedded into almost every aspect of our lives and our current economic system. It has shaped modern society, from the way we get around, to what we eat and to where we live. Crude oil is the lifeblood of the global economy.

From our understanding and analysis of the current paradigm in the fields of commerce, conservation and economy, energy is clearly the most crucial of all inputs. It is therefore important to understand the role liquid fuel (crude oil), plays in modern economies. Only by understanding the potential risks can we better manage and move toward a resilient future.


Below are some relevant articles and presentations to help understand the complexity and interconnected nature of liquid fuels. 

International Energy Agency (IEA)  Skeptical Electric Cars Will End the Age of Oil, Anna Hirtenstein, Bloomberg

Navigating through a Room full of Elephants, Nate Hagens - ASPO Conference

ABC Television Australia, The Oil Crunch, Catalyst travels from Paris, to London, to the outer space like world that is deep sea drilling, to find out where we stand with our oil supply

A Brief History of Oil Production, Rethink Consulting, excerpts from Rethink...Your World, Your Future by Andrew Martin

Oil Basics and The Limits to Economic Growth, by Art Berman Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc

Big Trouble At ExxonMobil By Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report

All Fuels are not Created Equal, by Rethink Consulting, excerpts from Rethink Your World, Your Andrew Martin

Drilling Deeper  A Reality Check on US Government Forecasts for a Lasting Tight Oil and Shale Boom, by David Hughes

Understanding Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROEI), Rethink Consulting, excerpts from Rethink...Your World, Your Andrew Martin

The Coming Moonshot in Oil Prices, Today's low prices mask an approaching supply crunch, Art Berman

German Armed Forces, Capabilities and Technologies in the 21st Century Environmental Dimensions of Security, This study is intended to explain the potential security policy consequences, risks and cascade effects of peak oil...