The Environmental and Climate Crisis are inextricably linked to Energy Consumption.

It is now widely accepted that recent human activity of burning fossil fuels and widespread land clearance has altered the Earth’s biosphere. A combination of these activities is contributing to unstable and unpredictable climate events. The climate crisis and resource depletion are inextricably linked. By solving the resource issues we also help mitigate environmental concerns. Hence, Rethink Consulting takes a holistic approach to solving many of the challenges we face.

Only by understanding our current circumstances can we move toward realistic solutions. While it is easy to be optimistic and come up with solutions to these challenges, we must also work within the limits of reality. We have developed a highly energy intensive economy and society; everything from food production to transport depends on interrelated energy intensive inputs for its survival. Trying to maintain our current systems by replacing fossil fuels which took millions of years to make is going to be challenging. Hence, why a strategic well thought out approach is needed. 

Below are some relevant articles regarding environmental challenges: