Building Resilience

little watercourses with many stones

Resilience has become a new buzzword with civic organisations, think tanks, communities and corporations. A system is said to be resilient, if it has the capacity to defend against, adapt to and repair itself after disturbances. Rethink Consulting brings focus to and explores the challenges which are and will increasingly impact communities, businesses and organisations over the coming years.

While there has been much debate and public discourse around climate change, there has been relatively minimal public discussion and understanding of the challenges of resource depletion and increasing economic volatility. Both resource depletion and economic uncertainty will have far reaching consequences for society over the coming decades. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare and take the necessary steps and actions to build capacity and the associated resilience needed to weather shocks and uncertainty.

The converging crises (energetic, environmental and economic) are inextricably linked. The longer governments, local and regional councils and communities ignore such matters, the harder it will be to mitigate and manage a soft landing.