Building Organisational, Community and Financial Resilience while Fostering Regenerative Pathways

Our Mission: 

From our background and experience we have chosen a risk management approach to building resilience with a focus on:

  1.  Declining Net Energy 
  2.  Environmental Challenges
  3.  Financial/Economic Headwinds
  4.  Climatic Shifts 

Through strategic visioning and using evidence-based data we help our clients pre-empt potential shocks and disturbances and move towards regenerative pathways.


Rethink Consult - passionate about facilitating positive change...

After several years of dedicated independent research, in the fields of energy, economy and environment, it is apparent these systems do not act in isolation. These systems are inextricably linked. Only by understanding the connectivity and synergies of each system can we truly develop positive solutions and strategies to move forward.

Our holistic approach ensures that risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities are minimised, mitigated or maximised. By raising awareness around systemic challenges we can help identify, collaborate and guide communities, organisations and business towards a more resilient future. Our goal is to help re-position organisations to adapt and thrive in a changing world...


Andrew Martin - Resilience Consultant - Director of Rethink Consult

B.Bus / Dip Financial Services (Securities Institute of Australia)

Andrew is an independent analyst, author and director of  Director of Rethink Consult. He is author of Rethink…Your World, Your future, which explores why failures in cognitive thinking have been limiting humanity from true progress. Andrew facilitates workshops on resilience, focusing on what it means to be resilient and how to build resilience. He takes a whole systems approach to exploring how to navigate the challenges ahead and uses evidence-based research to develop strategies and solutions for communities, organisations, and businesses. 

Andrew is the architect and developer of numerous resilience tools which help manage risk and build organisational and community resilience. His extensive network of passionate, highly skilled people, make him and Rethink Consult the ultimate partner...


Road Leading Into A Sunset

Steve Posselt - Motivator, Communicator and Engineering Specialist

Steve Posselt is a climate warrior, adventurer and a man on a mission. Steve is a 66-year-old civil and water engineer, adventurer and grandfather. He is driven by his passion to raise awareness of climate chaos and its impact on our daily lives. Steve is a Fellow of ‘Engineers Australia’ and currently chairs the ‘Sustainable Engineering Society’. He has been a climate activist for well over a decade and uses his kayaking journeys to promote awareness and education around these important issues.

Steve has kayaked three continents over a period of twelve months to raise awareness around the climate crisis. He is affectionately known as one of those batshit crazy Aussies that embark on super human solo journeys. He paddled from Canberra to Sydney, New Orleans to New York, Portishead to Paris for COP 21, and then Ballina to Canberra. Steve challenges the status quo and believes the climate fight will not be won by celebrities, nor the rich and famous. It will be won by ordinary people determined that the future of the human race is paramount.

When Steve is not paddling a river he entertains audiences with his stories, vision and passion for making a more sustainable world. Author of two books, Cry Me A River, One Man's Journey down the Murray Darling with a Kayak on Wheels, and Tough is not enough, Steve believes the climate crisis is all about managing risk.  Steve is an excellent keynote speaker and educates audiences with his adventures, humour and his technical knowledge of the challenges ahead. He takes audiences on an inspirational journey of what it takes to be mentally tough enough to instigate real change.


Road Leading Into A Sunset

Mik Aidt - Communicator, Educator and Resilience Specialist 

Mik Aidt, is an Australian citizen with Danish heritage, he is a journalist and communicator who in 2013 founded a weekly radio and podcast show about the climate emergency and sustainability, The Sustainable Hour, which today is recognised as a leading Australian podcast in its field.

Mik has a Bachelor of Applied Journalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and an established career in media. He has worked for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and as Executive producer of a weekly, national radio show in Australia on SBS Radio. Behind the scenes, he has quietly been organising winning community campaigns, and planting and nurturing ideas which later on have blossomed on a global scale. 

Road Leading Into A Sunset

Shane Ward - Regenerative Land Use & Soil Health Consultant

Shane brings a wealth of expertise to the team as a result his time spent learning from many of the world's leading authorities in sustainable land use, soil health and regenerative agriculture. He brings an international perspective, scientific rigour and pragmatic approach to his work drawing from a wide range of fields and scientific disciplines to solve the most urgent agricultural, resource and sustainability problems. Shane is motivated by the challenge that each new landscape brings. He finds creative ways to use a combination of both the latest scientific research and best-practice case studies from across the world.  

Road Leading Into A Sunset

Eck Gordon - Resilience Consultant

Eck holds a BSC Hons in Agriculture and Farm business management. 

He has worked across a variety of specialty markets in insurance in London garnering extensive experience within Lloyds. He specialises in risk management on a global scale, with expertise in adapting and mitigating climate change. He has travelled widely and has an in depth understanding of alternative food production systems, and in particular Regenerative Agriculture. He has worked alongside some the of leaders in regenerative agriculture.  Eck is passionate about using his skills to help communities to achieve greater independence, with a lower reliance on external energy inputs and a smaller environmental impact.

Road Leading Into A Sunset

Mike Green –  Business Strategy Consultant 

M.Sc(Tech)Hons (University of Waikato)

Mike is strategic in his thinking and pragmatic in his implementation, creating an environment for change within an organisation and then engaging the key players in its delivery. He comes from a scientific background and for the last 17 years has been a consultant in business strategy, leadership, growth, and team development. He has worked with more the than 300 companies to grow and develop their businesses, people, and profits. He is passionate about navigating the issues associated with energy, the economy, and the environment.