What We Do

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"Whether it is natural disasters, economic instability, resource constraints or unpredictable and damaging climatic events, the need for local resilience is becoming increasingly apparent today. We have moved from a relatively localised economy to a largely global economy. Supply chain disruptions, geopolitical events and climate disruption make this system interdependent and highly vulnerable."  

Rethink Consult



1.  Challenge the Status Quo - using evidence based data, Rethink Consult takes a contrarian approach to examining the broader systemic challenges and risks which will impact individuals, communities and organisations moving forward.


2. Holistic Thinking - with our holistic resilience index tools we identify and map risks and vulnerable areas, sectors or business units.

Business Strategy Sphere

3. Real-world Strategies - once risks and vulnerabilities have been identified, Rethink Consult develops real-world strategies (relevant to an area or organisation) and solutions geared to helping mitigate risk and providing alternative strategies for moving forward.


4. Execution to Action - With ongoing support, monitoring and collaboration Rethink Consult helps manage and guide the transition process, creating a more resilient and regenerative future…


5. Shifting the Paradigm – While it is important to build capacity and strategy around risks and vulnerabilities, it is equally important to be able to communicate the message to alliances, constituents and other parties. Rethink Consult helps shift the paradigm and reframe your message to be heard and understood.